I recommend meal delivery for workers with long hours

I work as a superintendent in a major school district. Due to this, I am up at the crack of dawn and going hard until dark. I don’t have a lot of spare time leftover. Sadly, certain things get cut from my day to day. I can’t work out anymore because I just don’t have the time. I also don’t have the time to make myself breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a while I had been relying on fast food and things I can grab easily at the grocery store. Not only were the options disgusting, but they were expensive and unhealthy. I found myself quickly gaining weight and not even enjoying the food that did it to me. A friend of mine recommended doing a meal prep service.

The food delivery service I found online is amazing. The website laid out everything for me and I got to pick a customized meal plan. I now get breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to my door. I also handpick each item on the website menu. What is really nice is not only is there a picture of each food item, but I get to read ingredients, know pricing and can pick the amount of food for my gender. How neat is that?

The company boasts that you can lose weight without even working out with their meal prep. I am here to tell you, this is totally true. The weight is literally falling off of me because everything I eat now is carefully designed to not contain sugar, butter and carbs. I eat only healthy food and the right portion of it. There is no snacking in between or overeating. What they send me is what I get. I have never had a diet plan be so easy and simple. 

Even if I didn’t lose weight I would recommend this company. The convenience factor is really the clincher for me. I like that I have food always at the ready for me. I never have to leave my office to pick up food. I can work as late as I want and not be starving to death when I get home. Somedays I know I will be stuck working until dinnertime. I then make sure to pack my dinner and I eat it right at my desk while I work. This meal delivery service has lessened my stress levels significantly.