Apartment complexes and commercial equipment

After selling my business I decided to take the money I earned and invest in other places. I started out buying rental apartments with only a couple of units. After buying a few places I realized that in order to get more bang for my buck, I needed to invest in a giant apartment complex. I wanted more than three doors per building I owned. I found an apartment complex that had over a hundred doors. I got the price on such a large space cheap because the building needed some love. The equipment inside the building was in shambles. There was no type of heating, cooling, or refrigeration. 

Since I know next to nothing about commercial industry equipment, I started looking around online for assistance. Thankfully I found a company that does everything for me. They offer commercial and industrial equipment on long and short term basis’. Since I planned to own the apartment complex until retirement, I talked about getting a long term lease on their different equipment options. The company literally did all the prepwork and installation. They talked me through the equipment that I could get in my building, bought it, installed it and set me up on a payment plan in order to keep it going live in my facility.

I am so glad that everything was basically geared towards idiots like myself that know nothing about commercial equipment. The inventory in this place was so vast. They offered things like commercial refrigeration, chillers, skid packages, industrial heat exchangers, hot water boilers and buffer tanks. I didn’t know what any of those things are. I still don’t know even after a knowledgeable representative sat me down and explained each thing. I trusted the rental equipment company to know what I needed. They do all sorts of projects with pharmaceutical and medical companies, chemical plants and concrete plants. They even specialize in apartment complex industrial equipment in my area. I just let them go to town and I am happy to say that all the inner workings of my building are great.