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How to rent a furnished unit

For short-term rentals, your target clientele are typically vacationers. They are looking for accommodations for a week or even a month. There’s also people who travel professionally and require lodging for a few weeks to several months. Very often, their company pays their expenses but they would like something more personal and cozy than a hotel. It’s more convenient for them to be able to cook than eat out every meal. For long-term furnished rentals, the possibilities are more diverse. There are people who are moving for the sake of a job and appreciate the ability to move right in. Maybe it’s too expensive or too difficult to move furniture or to shop for big items. There’s the chance that they don’t know how long they will remain in a particular location and want to rent by the month.  

You need to properly market your furnished rental to the right people. Your advertising efforts need to focus on the proper demographics. Make sure the title of any advertising or marketing strategies include the information that it is a furnished rental. This sets your unit apart. Anyone who is searching for furnished housing options will be looking for that particular listing. It’s a good idea to include photos of the furnishings and explain what you’re including. Furnished listings normally look better in listing photos than unfurnished ones. You can make the most of this benefit by staging your unit to advantage. Another option is to list your property as a pet friendly apartment. Make sure everything is clean, neat and in good condition. The furnishings should complement the space and color scheme while also providing a function. You don’t want to simply clutter the space.