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Home Maintenance & Security

Neglecting proper maintenance and necessary repairs is a quick way to deteriorate a relationship with your tenant. As long as the tenant pays their rent, they expect you to hold up your end of the deal. If the tenant feels you don’t care about their comfort, safety or well-being, you’re going to be faced with bigger problems than a clogged drain or broken door handle. Landlords need to respond to service requests in a timely fashion. By making the effort to take good care of the property, you’re also taking good care of your tenants, and they’ll appreciate it. You can’t expect them to treat your property with care and respect if you don’t. Safety should always be a priority. With today’s wireless options, improving safety measures in your complex or building is simple. There’s a wide array of modern technology, including cameras, locks, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and motion activated lights that will suit your needs. Your tenants will be grateful for your concern, and you’ll probably lower your insurance premium. When you make any upgrades to the property, be sure to make tenants aware of new procedures and protocols. They need to be informed. From safety measures in the parking lot to the indoor environment, prevention is the key. 

Whether you’re making repairs, handling maintenance or improving security, respect the privacy of your tenants. No one likes to be surprised by a knock on the door from the landlord wanting to come inside. Even though it’s your property, you can’t enter without permission. You certainly wouldn’t want someone showing up unannounced at your house. If you need to enter a tenant’s unit for anything other than an emergency situation, give prior notice. Set up a convenient date and time and stick to hit. Don’t disturb anything in the unit or enter any areas they aren’t expecting. If you’re there to install a new bathroom faucet, there’s no reason for you to be in the bedroom. As always, good communication is crucial. At the end of the day a property management company can be a great idea.