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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a means of maximizing the quantity and quality of traffic to the website. It increases exposure to your brand through organic or non-paid search engine results. While SEO is centered around technology, it’s also about people. SEO needs to cater toward what people are searching for online. The answers and services they are looking for, the words they’re typing in and the style of content they find most appealing directly impact the success of an SEO campaign. The goal is to connect with people who are searching online for the services you provide. Once the client’s intent is identified, the next challenge is supplying results in a way search engine crawlers can find and understand. So what are search engines? They pour over billions of bits of content and consider thousands of factors to choose which content is most likely to satisfy your query. They work by finding and cataloguing the vast amount of content on the internet, including web pages, images, videos and etc. This process is known as crawling and indexing. They then order the information by how closely it matches the query and put it in order or ranking. The organic search results are those that come up through effective SEO. They are not paid advertising. The paid ads used to be easily identified. Today, search engine results pages or SERPs are filled with a lot more advertising and more dynamic organic results formats or Serp features than ever. Search engines make money from advertising. The priority is to solve queries within SERPs in the best possible way to get searchers to return and keep them on the SERPs longer.