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T-shirt manufacturers and screen printers are increasingly turning to the heat transfer process. The designs are ideal for small orders and on-site printing. It allows for a variety of sizes and colors of shirt and provides a high profit margin without the risk of an overstock of printed shirts. You’re not going to get stuck storing hundreds of T-shirts and hoping to sell them. You can print t-shirts on-demand with a heat transfer printing machine. 

An image is first printed onto transfer paper. The speciality formulated transfer paper is smooth and provides a medium for the ink. The heat press machine transfers the image from the paper to the t-shirt. You can also transfer images onto puzzles, mugs, plates, blankets and more. The high temperature and consistent pressure for a specific amount of time permanently embeds the image.

There is an array of heat transfer paper on the market.  Some are intended for use at home with a conventional iron while others require the use of professional printing machines.  A heat press achieves more professional results. A heat press ensures instant, uniform and steady heat to produce superior appearance and durability. These machines are not outrageously expensive or difficult to operate. With a reasonable investment and a bit of practice, you could become skilled at heat transfer and the possibilities are nearly limitless. At nearly every event you’ll find a vendor who is printing on-demand T-shirts to commemorate the day. You can often customize the garment to suit your tastes. Heat transfer can become a very profitable business.