Signs that a roof needs replacing

It can be difficult to know whether a roof can be repaired or replaced. There are typically signs of wear and tear that show up as the roof deteriorates. If violent storms hit the local area, they can cause damage. In some incidents, problems arise with little warning. Ice storms, tornadoes, rainstorms and any type of high-speed wind can lift shingles and tear them completely off a roof, allowing snow or rain to seep into the roofing system. It’s important to take action at the first indication of a problem. One of the most common signs of a roof that needs to be replaced is a leak. Leaks can be caused by a number of reasons, such as worn-out materials and high winds. As roofing materials weaken, water can get under the shingles and reach the interior of the house.

While small leaks can be repaired or patched by a roofing contraction, those that are undetected for quite some time usually require a more involved solution. Persistent leaks or multiple areas of water intrusion mean it’s time to look into roof replacement. The roof should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor. Sometimes interior water damage is evidence of a leaky roof. Streaks, water spots or stains in the ceilings, attic or walls of the home are warning signs. A visual inspection of the roof will sometimes reveal missing, curling or crackled shingles. Shingles showing up in the lawn, moss or algae growth and damage around chimneys or skylights are signs the roof requires some attention. It’s recommended to check the gutters for pieces of shingles. Another indication that a new roof is necessary is a dip in the current roofline. A sagging roof can be the result of a framing issue or a water-saturated roof deck. If there are also leaks, water damage or concerns with things, the problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There is the very real possibility of a partial or complete cave-in. 

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