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You can definitely get more money out of a furnished rental properly. The demand for furnished living and working spaces to rent continues to grow. Airbnb has provided an amazing tool for potential renters and landlords alike. In the last ten years, there has been a rise in the number of people renting. The percentage of those renters who prefer a furnished home has increased for a number of reasons. You might be wondering what it takes to get into the furnished rental business. If you’re thinking of stepping into this style of landlording there are two types of furnished rental properties. There are long-term rentals that extend for a few months or more, and short-term rentals, such as vacation properties. The majority of long-term rental options don’t come furnished. However, they can and there are benefits. This type of apartment typically includes all the necessary furniture and appliances. They may or may not have daily requirements such as plates, silverware and linens. Short-term rentals are for a month or less and include linens, table settings, toasters, vacuum cleaners, barbecue grills and even pool toys. The idea is that the renter only needs to bring clothing and personal items to live comfortably. Most short-term rentals are located in tourist areas where people are willing to pay a bit more for the comforts of home. They are in close proximity to the attractions yet come back to a cozy living and sleeping environment. The short-term rentals provide the ability to cook, do laundry and get out of the hustle and bustle.