Homeowner Advice


Whether you’re renovating a single room or the whole home or simply replacing an older piece of furniture, you’re hoping for attractive, comfortable and good quality pieces. Maybe you’re hoping to introduce a modern concept with warm colors, textiles and layering. From open shelves and warm woodwork to speciality lighting and throw rugs, the rooms of the home reflect your personality. Very often, the vision you have in mind can’t be achieved by shopping at the local furniture store. Custom furniture builders provide one-of-a-kind items that will transform your room and take your imagination to reality. They can also offer suggestions you may have never considered, point out functional aspects and design something both original and pleasing. Custom built furniture doesn’t necessarily need to put a strain on your budget. You’re investing in long-term value and a special touch for your home.

How many times have you visited several larger furniture stores, looking for inspiration, only to see basically the same options. You might start to wonder how many other homeowners have the same chair, table or sofa. Spending thousands of dollars on a generic bedroom set that turns out to be constructed out of pressboard can be frustrating. Choosing custom built furniture eliminates these issues. You get to determine every aspect of the piece from size and style to those little details such as hardware. Rather than pay a premium for what’s readily available on the showroom floor, you enjoy a piece tailored to your specifications. Yes, you’ll probably pay slightly more, but it will be worth it. Custom built furniture are the pieces you hand down from one generation to the next.