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Shipping containers offer advantages above and beyond the transport of goods. These modular systems lend well to the construction of homes and all sorts of housing and commercial options. Here are a few of the most innovative and exceptional ideas!

  • Schools – Modular systems allow for bigger spaces that have been turned into everything from offices to hotels. Shipping containers work well when you’re looking to build without major upheaval to the surroundings. The containers can be dropped into place, stacked or placed end to end. The sides can be opened up to make for a larger interior space. They have been effectively incorporated into schools to add classrooms. Students are safe, secure and protected from the weather. The quick turnaround on installation means the classroom can be completely set up within a few days.
  • Playgrounds – Looking at a shipping container, you might see a standard-sized box. However, thanks to inspiration, shipping containers have been turned into everything from magical caves and pirate ships to space stations and haunted houses. Shipping containers have been stacked to provide for a children’s activity center. While they provide a quick and economical means of construction, with very little labor involved, there’s also the benefit of reliability. Kids can’t damage these durable structures. These playgrounds are also known as prefabricated gyms.
  • Furniture – Refurbished and upcycled furniture has continued to gain notoriety and popularity in recent years. Because shipping containers have travelled across the world, they qualify as a desirable material. The metal boxes are getting a new lease on life by getting turned into a line of furniture. As shipping containers are repurposed into homes and office spaces, everything from interesting lights to lounge chairs are being created from the scraps.