I cleaned when I was in college, but now I have a cleaning company

Attempting to handle the cleaning and upkeep of commercial property is a heavy responsibility for business owners. The time is better spent growing the brand, reaching new customers and expanding operations. However, keeping a clean and tidy commercial space is essential to image, comfort, health and the longevity of furnishings. A stained rug, smudged windows and dusty counters don’t present an image of competence, care and success. The solution is hiring a professional cleaning company. A professional service has the specialized tools, commercial grade products and experience to handle the job swiftly and to higher standards. Regular spot treating and steam cleaning of carpets keeps them looking like new. The process extends service life while also killing bacteria, germs and other harmful contaminants that might otherwise thrive in the fibers and lead to health problems and odors. Beautifully maintained carpets offer an inviting atmosphere that lets potential clients know that this is a respectable business that pays attention to important details.

Tile floors can present unique challenges. The grout may become stained and the tiles dull. Stripping and waxing are services offered by most commercial cleaners  Wood floors are at risk of discoloration and cracking without regular care. Window washing, dusting, emptying of trash bins, keeping up with refilling of paper products and paying close attention to high traffic areas works to create a positive environment, greater employee pride and shows attention and care. Plus, the jobs are handled outside of regular work hours so your business is never disrupted. Industrial machines and processes speed up the drying process so that all floors are ready for the workday to begin in the morning. I understand why homeowners clean their own house, but a professional cleaning service is so much better.