Homeowner Advice


When you shop for furniture at the local big box store, the items have come off the assembly line and each step of the manufacturing process has prioritized profit. From the original lumber and materials to the factory, shipping company and store, everyone is making money off the piece. This results in cookie-cutter pieces of furniture on the showroom floor. It also leads to inferior materials and workmanship. If you’re looking for higher quality mass-manufactured pieces, you’ll need to visit a designer showroom and be prepared to pay a hefty price. Another option is custom created furniture. These pieces are designed and constructed to your specifications by a master craftsman. The builder takes pride in their craft and the finished product. There’s no cut corners or a bunch of different businesses all demanding a few extra dollars. You might end up paying a bit more, but you’re investing in long-lasting reliability and piece built from scratch.  

Custom built furniture isn’t the same as designer furniture. Getting a piece built to your specifications doesn’t necessarily mean higher prices. Designers partner with custom furniture manufacturers to remain within your budget for the project. They work with you to decide on the type of wood, style of furniture, fabrics and details to achieve a unique look. You’re able to realize your vision and accommodate the demands of your space. Maybe the room is oddly shaped, unusually small, large or the piece needs to serve a special function. Whatever your needs, dreams or desires, custom furniture is where imagination and reality meet. Plus, you can be sure you’ll never see the same furnishing in your neighbor’s house