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Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, in most situations it’s advantageous to have the assistance of a qualified legal professional. If you’re considering real estate investing, attempting to purchase a foreclosure or faced with unexpected difficulties with a simple transaction, a real estate attorney can help simplify the process. Before hiring a lawyer, it’s best to ask some questions and make sure of their qualifications. Start by asking how long the attorney has been practicing. Experience is one of the most important factors. Experience comes into play when transactions become complicated. If they’ve already resolved a similar situation, they are familiar with proper procedures. However, you’re most likely going to pay more for an attorney who’s been practicing for 20 years as opposed to one who’s one a couple years out of law school. Find out where they earned their law degree, whether or not it’s an accredited school and if they specialize in any particular area of real estate law. If they graduated from law school in a different state, you’ll want to know how many years they’ve practiced law in your state. Real estate laws vary from state to state and you want an attorney who is aware of the local regulations. It’s to your benefit to choose an attorney who has familiarity with situations similar to yours. Having prior experience in the type of transaction ensures an understanding of possible issues that can come up and how to handle them quickly and properly. Although you can’t request information about specific cases they’ve dealt with, you can ask for their thoughts when dealing with your situation. You’re looking for a real estate attorney who can provide a detailed course of action rather than a generic promise of a successful outcome.