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A higher rate of production is possible through advanced filling systems. Greater production and precision without the labor costs adds up to a more effective and successful business. Consider the investment into vape cartridge filling systems and professional grade capping systems to better establish your brand. These affordable tools are essential for extractors and dispensaries looking to grow and expand. The machines are wonderfully easy to use as well as accurate. They accommodate repeatable filling and provide consistent fill weights. The design is both compact and lightweight and portable construction supports numerous cartridges, pods, syringes and disposable pens. You can be certain the cartridge is filled properly the first time and every time.

A filling system avoids the waste of overfill. Quick and simple set up, clean up, use and maintenance expedite the entire process. Plus, the modules are engineered to encourage swift change out without any additional tools. Replaceable cartridge nests work with a variety of devices using the same filling system and injection module. Benefits include a more cost-effective and efficient procedure. Reducing overhead costs is always a priority. You want to increase profitability. Filling machines avoid human error. Consistency is key in a reliable production process.  

Along with cartridge filling, cartridge cappers expedite production. There’s no need to manually screw on caps. The automated process once again serves the bottom line and ensures precision. Each product is uniform and achieves a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction. Clients know exactly what to expect each and every time. Results are achieved faster and at a lower cost. There are cartridge filling machines on the market that handle 1,000 cartridges per hour. You simply place the cartridge in proper position and the machine automatically lifts, fills and lowers the cartridge. The capping system installs the mouthpiece and threads on the caps. The machine only needs to be turned around to handle dual function.