Homeowner Advice


Handmade furniture takes your home to an unmatched level of style, quality and comfort. Whether you’re furnishing a starter home or mansion, remodeling for the umpteenth time or adding some flair to outdated decor, choosing personalized furnishings over mass production offers nearly unlimited options. For some people, buying custom built furniture is something they’ve never considered. It can also be a little intimidating. Instead of choosing from a limited selection that’s right in front of you, you need to figure out exactly what you want. However, the services of an interior designer can guide you through each and every step. Taking advantage of a professional with knowledge, expertise and experience is invaluable. While you provide input as to your goals and vision, a designer can sketch drawings to help you visualize your concept and offer suggestions to better incorporate new furnishings into the home.

It’s true that custom built furniture requires a lot more input from you. It’s going to cost more and you’re going to be waiting a while to get it. So why go through this more time-consuming, expensive and demanding process? The end result is worth it. You’re investing in higher quality and better value. You can be sure of a one-of-a-kind result that will provide perfect fit and function. The piece will be the exact color, style and size you desire. It’s going to give you a little thrill every time you see it and show it off. Most often, custom furniture is further protected by a warranty in the event of damage or wear and tear. Because of superior integrity of construction and fabrics, these pieces tend to resist stains, tears, fading and other problems.