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Paid advertising, social media and other online platforms successfully prompt website traffic. However the majority of online traffic is generated through search engines. Organic search results blanket more digital real estate, seem more legitimate to informed searches and earn more clicks than paid advertisements. SEO is one of the only online marketing opportunities that, when handled properly, can continue to supply dividends over time. If you create an intelligent piece of content that merits ranking for the right keywords, the traffic can steadily increase over time, unlike advertising that requires regular funding to drive traffic to your site. Search engines are steadily getting smarter but still need some assistance. Optimizing your site ensures better information reaching the search engines so that your content gets indexed and displayed properly within the search results. There is some debate over whether it’s wise to hire an SEO professional or agency. It’s possible to complete some basic SEO on your own. Since your expertise probably lies in other areas, it can be extremely helpful to take advantage of professional expertise. Like any growing industry, there’s lots and lots of agencies and consultants to choose from. While these companies may all provide SEO services, the quality varies. Understanding how to choose a worthwhile SEO company saves time and money.