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Waterproof paper is necessary for printing purposes for restaurants or any business who needs outdoor signs, maps, menus or directions that need to hold up to weather. These products are often subjected to severe conditions such as direct sunlight, heat, rain and snow. Rough handling can also be a problem. In order to ensure longevity and appearance, the waterproof printing needs to be tear and smudge resistant. It shouldn’t fade or smear or disintegrate. It’s essential for amusement parks, public parks, construction sites, ski resorts, water parks, garden centers, public swimming pools and so much more. With the latest software and equipment, you can make sure that the printing process delivers vibrant colors and clean, crisp text. The synthetic paper products consist of special materials to make it totally waterproof, tear-free, stain-resistant and recyclable.  

The concept of waterproof paper would almost seem to defeat its own purpose. You need a paper-like product that repels and resists all forms of moisture applied to it. You also need the paper to still function like regular paper. So the waterproof paper must be strong enough to hold up against extreme conditions without turning into a soggy mess and yet still accept toner from printers, copy machines or pens with no smudging, bleeding or running. Sounds like a contradiction in terms and not possible. Specially designed waterproof printer paper provides ease of use that is expected from any printer paper but also offers protection against moisture and water. You can print on it like a typical sheet of printer paper. There’s no special process required. You don’t need to hire someone to handle in-house printing services. You don’t even need to laminate the finished product.