Tips for anyone who wants a custom car!

It only makes sense to take good care of your vehicle. As a big investment, the vehicle needs to provide reliability and longevity. Fuel efficiency, safety and appearance are all priorities. However, the wear and tear of weather, sitting idle, poor road conditions and long miles can take their toll. Automotive customization shops provide more than luxuries. High end upgrades such as car wraps, custom paint, custom interior and performance parts not only beautify the vehicle but protect it. These shops tend to offer higher quality of work, first class service and state-of-the-art machines and tools. One aspect of a vehicle that is often overlooked is the rims. While custom rims might not be affordable or even considered by most car owners, refinishing rims can prove cost-effective. Powder coating is a process that involves spraying ground particles made of pigment and resin onto a metal surface. The particles are electrically charged in order to adhere to the metal. The rims are “baked” at a very high temperature so that the particles blend together and cure. The powder coating creates a durable surface and finish that resists corrosion, flaking and chipping due to exposure to outdoor elements. Damage from salt, stones and gravel can be significant. Powder-coated rims provide a layer of defense and typically last up to three times longer than traditional painting. Another option is vinyl car wraps. Adding to the resale value of the vehicle, the cost of a wrap is significantly less than having the car painted. Vinyl is durable, resists scratching and is 100% removable. However, this investment protects the car, maintaining it in the same condition as the day the wrap is applied.

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