Some Fitness Recommendations To Get You Started

A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity of activity is recommended each week. The exercise can be divided across four, five or even seven days per week, with at least two days of muscle strengthening activity. Anything that gets the body moving is beneficial. Going beyond 150 minutes or engaging in higher intensity aerobics provides even greater health rewards. Aerobic exercise gets the heart beating faster and expands the lungs. Moderate-intensity aerobic activity breaks a sweat but allows you to talk rather than sing the words of a song. Walking or biking on level ground, playing doubles tennis, pushing a lawn mower or water aerobics contribute to building strength and stamina. High-intensity aerobic exercise results in increased heart rate and breathing hard and fast. It makes it difficult to say more than a few words without pausing to take a breath. Jogging, running, swimming laps, riding a bike fast or up hills, playing singles tennis and jumping rope are some examples. It’s possible to increase endurance over time. One minute of high-intensity aerobics provides about the same benefit as two minutes of moderate-intensity activity.  A workout should always begin with a gradual and thorough warm up. It’s a good idea to stretch the muscles and loosen up the joints. It’s recommended to hydrate before, during and after the training session. To target all different muscle groups, it’s necessary to incorporate a variety of types of exercises. This also allows various muscles to rest during the off-days. At the conclusion of the workout, a cool down is essential to avoid soreness and injury. Proper footwear and clothing are vital. It’s also extremely important to know how to properly perform different exercises. 

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