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Shipping containers are finding new life in a variety of ways. At the end of their life at sea, these standard sized boxes are offering the durability, strength and cost-saving opportunity for all sorts of innovative uses. Take a look at some of the many options!

  • Storage Sheds – Shipping containers provide a much sturdier solution to a backyard shed than wood. There’s no wood rot or mold to worry about and no assembly or maintenance required. The security is exceptional and weather isn’t a problem inside or outside. Shipping containers are weather proof and able to withstand rain, snow, heat, high winds and temperature fluctuation. From standard storage sheds to a workshop, home office, playhouse or whatever you need, shipping containers offer a usable outdoor space. 
  • Swimming Pool – Believe it or not, shipping containers are an excellent option for setting up a swimming pool in your backyard. They offer a quick and easy alternative because there’s no need to dig or get permission and very little work involved. The containers are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes and can be simply dropped into place. There are companies who offer containers that are lined and include filters, heat pumps, underwater lights and ladders. You fill with water and start enjoying your affordable shipping container swimming pool.
  • Housing – For quite a few years, architects have been successfully converting shipping containers into clever housing. They’ve used these standardized shapes to create some ingenious housing solutions. Shipping containers have gained popularity as a means to solve student housing at universities worldwide. They provide homeless shelters and an affordable solution for new homeowners. Despite the limited sizes available, shipping containers allow for creativity and expression in design. 
  • Pop-Up Shops, Bars & Cafes – The shape, size and durability of shipping containers offers the ideal solution for pop-up shops, bars or cafes. The container can be completely transformed, becoming nearly unrecognizable and yet retaining the benefits of strength, security and resistance to weather. They provide an affordable means of opening temporary locations without major investment and testing and expanding awareness of a brand. Because shipping containers are constructed to be transported, moving the storefront from one location to another is an easy process.