Commercial Business Advice


You’re looking for a space to rent. Not just any space will do. An office space serves lots of different functions. The cost of rent directly impacts your budget. The comfort and quality of the space affects the morale and professionalism of your staff. Everything about the property, from the parking lot to the carpets reflect your brand image. There are so many things to consider, and every decision impacts the satisfaction and value of your decision. So what is most essential to your choice for an office space rental? It’s all about location.

You’ve probably heard the famous phrase a hundred times. Location, location, location! It’s very true. Location is the MOST important factor when choosing a space for your office. You certainly don’t want your business to be hidden where no one can find it. You don’t want it to be a hassle to get to it. Can your clients locate your office? Are you in convenient proximity to other essential businesses? Are you easily accessible to your employees? Is there available public transportation? Is there sufficient parking? Is the building handicap accessible? If the space you’re considering fulfills those essential priorities, you’ve probably found a good location. You might also want to think about other helpful attributes, such as the security of the neighborhood and what else is nearby. Can you easily get a cup of coffee or lunch? Food delivery can be helpful and a bar for happy hours is great for employee bonding. You need a location that not only provides for you needs but satisfies clients and staff as well. Commercial office space is available in a lot of neighborhoods, but the area greatly affects what that space is worth.