Deer hanging equipment makes hunting so much more enjoyable

For the prepared hunter, there is quite a bit of gear to carry into the woods. The deer stand is often quite a distance over difficult terrain. Along with a shotgun or bow, hunting knife, compass, thermos and field dressing gloves, a deer drag comes in handy. The deer drag should be compact, fold up easily and lightweight yet durable and strong. The deer or other heavy game is placed on the drag in order to pull it easily without damaging the carcass. This simple piece of equipment eliminates the need to call friends for assistance. A hunter is able to easily

traverse hills, valleys, swamps and rough ground. There’s no worry over snagging on thorns or the animal getting dirty. Once the hunter arrives back to camp or wherever he plans to process the deer, that’s when the gambrel becomes an important tool. A gambrel is used to hang the deer for skinning, displaying or butchering. It attaches to a pulley or an electric hoist and needs to be sturdy enough to support a great deal of weight. Made of steel or lightweight aluminum, there can’t be any weak welds that could result in a trophy dropping onto the ground. It needs to be easy to manage and operate. The standard deer hanging device consists of a steel triangle with hooks. It threads through the legs of the deer to keep the legs in a stable position. Once the deer is hanging at the perfect height, it is much easier to work with. Like any other activity, hunting requires good quality and specialized gear to ensure safety, enjoyment and success.