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It can be rather difficult to build a successful audio, visual and lighting equipment rental business. The initial start up expenses can be extremely high and overhead is costly. To provide for a variety of clients, it’s necessary to invest into a broad spectrum of very expensive equipment. It’s vital that your facility and equipment represents the most advanced technology on the market in order to become and remain competitive in this industry. Even when you’ve gotten a facility and inventory in order, additional money is required for advertising. Getting your name out there and establishing a well-recognized brand takes effort. Word-of-mouth can make or break a business, meaning you need to work hard to earn positive reviews from customers. In your local area, it’s possible there are quite a few competing companies who offer similar services. It’s recommended to keep my competitive and affordable while providing the most comprehensive and sophisticated equipment and services. You will have clients ranging from knowledgeable professionals to beginners. You want to be able to fulfill all of their needs through experienced and friendly personnel. Providing  sound stage equipment for local venues, bands and recording studios can be profitable when handled efficiently. Offering portable stage rental for local events such as community fairs, concerts in the park, fundraisers and corporate events is a growing business. A selection of film, video, protectors, cameras, PA speakers, DJ equipment, LED walls and various equipment caters to the hobbyist and those looking to take their art or career to the next level.  From weddings and photo shoots and to the needs of local film makers, there are plenty of opportunities. Offering rental space to photographers, broadcasters, bands looking to rehearse/record and advertising companies minimizes overhead and generates a steady income. Helping people achieve their vision and objective is part of the job.