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A home is a place that should be comfortable, reflect your tastes and character and provide a safe and secure haven. Shipping container architecture has gained popularity as people are reinventing the shape and style of housing. There are many advantages to looking at shipping containers when you’re considering building a new home.

  • Affordable – Purchasing a used shipping container and transforming it into a home is much less expensive than buying or building a conventional home. Plus, you can convert the shipping container into the size and shape that work for you, and they are readily available.
  • Ease-of-construction – Shipping container home design is actually extremely easy. You start by buying a shipping container and having it delivered. The container can be placed just about anywhere. You can add doors or windows and even staircases, electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling. It’s easy enough to find plans and step-by-step directions or make up your own. 
  • Speed – A shipping container requires a total of a couple of months to be converted into a livable home. This includes the time of booking with the company to the necessary installation of plumbing and necessary systems. There are plenty of companies who handle most everything for you. You tell them what you want your new home to look like and they complete the additions and changes before delivery. You can then watch your fully readied house arrive on the back of a gigantic truck.
  • Creativity – With a shipping container home, the possibilities are nearly endless. The containers can be placed end to end or stacked. Sides can be opened up to create bigger spaces. Probably the greatest asset of a shipping container home is that you can make it reflect exactly who you are and what you need.