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  • Metal Roofing: While other types of roofs begin to quickly diminish in value, a metal alternative provides reliable integrity for up to 100 years. Although the initial investment may be higher than some other options, metal roofs pay for themselves through durability and energy savings. In recent years a wide selection of beautiful styles have been introduced, allowing the roof to match any style of home. The curb appeal of a metal roof is undeniable. Plus, metal roofs are fire resistant for added safety and very lightweight. This style of roof requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for both residential or commercial commercial application. Along with protecting the home or building from harsh weather, a metal roof has the ability to keep the indoor space cooler, increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost and workload of the air conditioner. Metal roofs continue to gain popularity across the country due to their many benefits.
  • Composition Roofing: Composite roofing shingles offer a less expensive solution. However, this option doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability for the sake of savings. Providing reliable performance for up to fifty years, this type of shingle is easily replaced for repair or resurfacing, extending the longevity of the roof. Composite roofing systems are also highly flame resistant. They effectively combat the growth of mold, algae and fungus and protect against harmful UV rays, helping to decrease energy bills. For a lasting choice that is easy to maintain and cost effective, consider composite roofing shingles.