Cleaning services can help eliminate dust and germs in your office

Most Americans spend an average of 6 to 10 hours at work. Many studies show that employees are much happier when the office is clean and free of dust, germs, and dirt. In fact, many research studies prove that polluted indoor air can diminish our function throughout the day. There are several professional cleaning services that can help eliminate dust and germs inside of the office. The reduction of these germs and indoor pollutants can keep viruses from spreading from one employee to another. There are many reasons to keep the indoor air and surfaces clean, and the health and safety of employees is just the beginning. Routine cleanings can also help increase the longevity of internal office supplies like the copier, computers, printers, and fax machines. A routine and thorough cleaning can help eliminate the spread of germs, bacteria, and other indoor pollutants. This helps to promote a safer and healthier work environment. Air filtration systems and air purifiers work well, but they are no substitute for cleaning and sanitizing the indoor spaces and the air. A professional cleaning company should be able to handle the high demand of a large office space and you can often combine multiple services. A professional cleaning company should offer tile and grout cleaning, concrete floor cleaning and restoration, upholstery, carpet, and area rug cleaning, as well as air duct cleaning. Mold and mildew can build up on surfaces like the floors and the walls. Regularly scheduled grout and tile cleaning can prevent mold spores from entering the indoor air. Cleaning, scrubbing, and sanitizing the indoor ductwork helps maintain the life of expensive electronics and office supplies. Each one of these procedures is an important part of the process that will keep the office clean and keep the staff safe and healthy.

I recommend meal delivery for workers with long hours

I work as a superintendent in a major school district. Due to this, I am up at the crack of dawn and going hard until dark. I don’t have a lot of spare time leftover. Sadly, certain things get cut from my day to day. I can’t work out anymore because I just don’t have the time. I also don’t have the time to make myself breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a while I had been relying on fast food and things I can grab easily at the grocery store. Not only were the options disgusting, but they were expensive and unhealthy. I found myself quickly gaining weight and not even enjoying the food that did it to me. A friend of mine recommended doing a meal prep service.

The food delivery service I found online is amazing. The website laid out everything for me and I got to pick a customized meal plan. I now get breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to my door. I also handpick each item on the website menu. What is really nice is not only is there a picture of each food item, but I get to read ingredients, know pricing and can pick the amount of food for my gender. How neat is that?

The company boasts that you can lose weight without even working out with their meal prep. I am here to tell you, this is totally true. The weight is literally falling off of me because everything I eat now is carefully designed to not contain sugar, butter and carbs. I eat only healthy food and the right portion of it. There is no snacking in between or overeating. What they send me is what I get. I have never had a diet plan be so easy and simple. 

Even if I didn’t lose weight I would recommend this company. The convenience factor is really the clincher for me. I like that I have food always at the ready for me. I never have to leave my office to pick up food. I can work as late as I want and not be starving to death when I get home. Somedays I know I will be stuck working until dinnertime. I then make sure to pack my dinner and I eat it right at my desk while I work. This meal delivery service has lessened my stress levels significantly.

Apartment complexes and commercial equipment

After selling my business I decided to take the money I earned and invest in other places. I started out buying rental apartments with only a couple of units. After buying a few places I realized that in order to get more bang for my buck, I needed to invest in a giant apartment complex. I wanted more than three doors per building I owned. I found an apartment complex that had over a hundred doors. I got the price on such a large space cheap because the building needed some love. The equipment inside the building was in shambles. There was no type of heating, cooling, or refrigeration. 

Since I know next to nothing about commercial industry equipment, I started looking around online for assistance. Thankfully I found a company that does everything for me. They offer commercial and industrial equipment on long and short term basis’. Since I planned to own the apartment complex until retirement, I talked about getting a long term lease on their different equipment options. The company literally did all the prepwork and installation. They talked me through the equipment that I could get in my building, bought it, installed it and set me up on a payment plan in order to keep it going live in my facility.

I am so glad that everything was basically geared towards idiots like myself that know nothing about commercial equipment. The inventory in this place was so vast. They offered things like commercial refrigeration, chillers, skid packages, industrial heat exchangers, hot water boilers and buffer tanks. I didn’t know what any of those things are. I still don’t know even after a knowledgeable representative sat me down and explained each thing. I trusted the rental equipment company to know what I needed. They do all sorts of projects with pharmaceutical and medical companies, chemical plants and concrete plants. They even specialize in apartment complex industrial equipment in my area. I just let them go to town and I am happy to say that all the inner workings of my building are great. 

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Valerian tea is made from the roots and underground stems of the valerian plant. It has proven helpful in decreasing stress, relieving menstrual symptoms, reducing menopausal symptoms and enhancing sleep. While not all the benefits are supported by scientific evidence, there are tons of people who swear by the effects of valerian tea. Valerian is often referred to as a magic sleep potion. It is the leading non-prescription sedative in Europe and is available in tea, pill or capsule form. It has a woodsy taste that not everyone finds pleasant. The longer the tea brews the more intense the flavor. It can be combined with other ingredients to soften the taste. 

Improve sleep – Valerian offers sleep-enhancing properties. Taking valerian may reduce the time it requires to fall asleep and may also improve the quality of sleep. Most studies have looked into valerian in pill or capsule form. While the tea provides a lower concentration of valerian, sipping a warm beverage also helps with relaxation.

Some believe that valerian can decrease anxiety and stress. For women who suffer from severe period pain and cramping, over-the-counter medications often fail to provide relief. Valerian root offers a natural remedy. Several studies indicate that valerian is helpful in treating the symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes and insomnia are common complaints and most conventional medications come with harmful and long-term side-effects. 

The side-effects of valerian tea are generally quite mild. Because of its sedative properties, you shouldn’t combine this type of tea with drinking alcoholic beverages or medications targeted at sleep or muscle relaxation. Some people complain of headaches, stomach issues, insomnia, uneasiness and fogginess after drinking valerian tea. You might even feel sluggish the following day. Avoid valerian tea if you’re taking medication used to treat anxiety, insomnia, seizures or other psychiatric disorders as it may interfere with these drugs. 

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  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings: An elastomeric roof coating is essential to effective maintenance of a flat or metal roof. The liquid coating is applied to low-slope roofs much like standard paint, but offers incredible benefits. Extend the life of your roofing system and ensure a sustainable defense severe weather with this cost-effective procedure. Some of the many benefits of  elastomeric roof coatings include:
    • Less maintenance & easy repairs – Following the initial application, elastomeric roof coating can be touched up to resolve damage to specific spots without scraping or teardown. The process is quick and easy.
    • Extend life expectancy – Elastomeric roof coating provides seamless protection of the entire roof system. It protects against exposure to UV rays and pollutants and most definitely pays for itself by lengthening the lifespan of the roof by upwards of twenty years.
    • Maximize efficiency – This cost-effective roof coating minimizes heat absorption by reflecting sunlight and solar heat. This in turn helps to keep the home cooler and reduces the workload of the air conditioner. You pay lower monthly bills and minimize impact on the environment.
    • Severe weather protection – Despite high winds, rain, hail or snow, the coating remains attached and defends against potential damage.
  • EPDM: Also known as “rubber roofing,” EPDM is the most popular choice for flat roofs. The financial, physical and environmental benefits are unmatched. EPDM consists of a mixture of recycled tires, sawdust and slate dust. Because of this, it is one of the least expensive roofing options on the market. The low price doesn’t reflect the quality or durability of EPDM roofs. Along with a very low cost of Installation, there are very few seams, making leaks extremely rare. EPDM roofs typically last over twenty years. Some of the many advantages of EPDM rubber roofing include:
    • Breathability – EPDM roofs encourage heat and vapors to escape without welcoming moisture or heat inside.
    • Durability – This type of roof offers a typical life expectancy of twenty years, but this number can be doubled with annual maintenance and regular sealing.
    • Efficiency – EPDM roofs naturally reflect sunlight and heat. By keeping the home cooler, there’s less demands on the air conditioner, resulting in lower energy bills.
    • Environmentally friendly – The materials used in EPDM roofing are recycled products. Plus, the roof can also be recycled at the end of its productive lifespan.
    • Flexibility – The material conforms around pipes, skylights and gutters. It won’t crack due to extreme moisture or dryness.
    • Lightweight- EPDM consists of a single-ply roofing membrane that is very lightweight, making it a good choice when building weight is an issue.
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  • TPO: TPO (thermoplastic olefin) roofing is relatively inexpensive and yet provides a long list of rewarding benefits. Consisting of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together, the flexible membrane is exceptionally durable. This type of roof resists punctures, tears and impact damage. It is both lightweight and flexible, reducing the seams and time and labor of installation. TPO has a white reflective surface that exceeds the EPA’s energy star requirements.  Energy efficient, UV-resistant, and heat-resistant option, it provides a cooler home in the summer and trims the cost of air conditioning. Plus, TPO roofing defends against  bacteria, algae, dirt and debris. 
  • Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen roofing is probably the most popular choice for low-slope building applications. It provides a modern improvement on traditional tar-and-gravel roofs. Made from asphalt and exceptionally tear-resistant, Bitumen patches allow for any necessary repairs to be completed quickly. With proper installation procedures, the combination of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers offer the most waterproof roofing style available. “Cool roof” features reflect sunlight, release already-absorbed heat  and lessen indoor cooling requirements. Modified bitumen roofing is an energy saving choice and saves money on utility bills. Especially flexible, it  expands and contracts without losing its shape, making it an ideal choice for areas with  weather fluctuations.
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  • Metal Roofing: While other types of roofs begin to quickly diminish in value, a metal alternative provides reliable integrity for up to 100 years. Although the initial investment may be higher than some other options, metal roofs pay for themselves through durability and energy savings. In recent years a wide selection of beautiful styles have been introduced, allowing the roof to match any style of home. The curb appeal of a metal roof is undeniable. Plus, metal roofs are fire resistant for added safety and very lightweight. This style of roof requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for both residential or commercial commercial application. Along with protecting the home or building from harsh weather, a metal roof has the ability to keep the indoor space cooler, increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost and workload of the air conditioner. Metal roofs continue to gain popularity across the country due to their many benefits.
  • Composition Roofing: Composite roofing shingles offer a less expensive solution. However, this option doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability for the sake of savings. Providing reliable performance for up to fifty years, this type of shingle is easily replaced for repair or resurfacing, extending the longevity of the roof. Composite roofing systems are also highly flame resistant. They effectively combat the growth of mold, algae and fungus and protect against harmful UV rays, helping to decrease energy bills. For a lasting choice that is easy to maintain and cost effective, consider composite roofing shingles.
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Google ads explained

If you’re ready to build an online presence for your HVAC company and looking to advertise, you need to be familiar with Google Ads. It is the most widely used PPC advertising system in the world. The Ads platform enables all types of businesses to create ads that show up on Google’s search engine and other Google properties. It works on a pay-per-click model, with users bidding on keywords and paying for each click on their ad. When a potential client types in a search, Google sorts through the available Ads advertisers and selects a set of winners to show up in the valuable ad space on its search results page. A combination of factors determine the winners, such as quality and relevance of the keywords and ad campaigns and size of the keyword bids. The advertiser’s Ad Rank has a lot to do with it. This is calculated by CPC Bid, which is the highest amount the advertiser has agreed to spend, and Quality Score, which is the click-through-rate. This system rewards advertisers by connecting with potential customers at a cost that accommodates their budget. It’s very much like an auction. Marketing through Google Ads can be especially valuable. It is the most popular search engine and sees an enormous amount of traffic. It therefore delivers impressive results. You’re going to see the most click on your ads. The frequency of appearance of your PPC ads relies on which keywords and match types you choose. Keyword relevance is extremely important. You want to select relevant PPC keywords that the majority of your potential clients will search. It’s also necessary to create an optimized landing page with concise content.

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A home is a place that should be comfortable, reflect your tastes and character and provide a safe and secure haven. Shipping container architecture has gained popularity as people are reinventing the shape and style of housing. There are many advantages to looking at shipping containers when you’re considering building a new home.

  • Affordable – Purchasing a used shipping container and transforming it into a home is much less expensive than buying or building a conventional home. Plus, you can convert the shipping container into the size and shape that work for you, and they are readily available.
  • Ease-of-construction – Shipping container home design is actually extremely easy. You start by buying a shipping container and having it delivered. The container can be placed just about anywhere. You can add doors or windows and even staircases, electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling. It’s easy enough to find plans and step-by-step directions or make up your own. 
  • Speed – A shipping container requires a total of a couple of months to be converted into a livable home. This includes the time of booking with the company to the necessary installation of plumbing and necessary systems. There are plenty of companies who handle most everything for you. You tell them what you want your new home to look like and they complete the additions and changes before delivery. You can then watch your fully readied house arrive on the back of a gigantic truck.
  • Creativity – With a shipping container home, the possibilities are nearly endless. The containers can be placed end to end or stacked. Sides can be opened up to create bigger spaces. Probably the greatest asset of a shipping container home is that you can make it reflect exactly who you are and what you need. 
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Shipping containers offer advantages above and beyond the transport of goods. These modular systems lend well to the construction of homes and all sorts of housing and commercial options. Here are a few of the most innovative and exceptional ideas!

  • Schools – Modular systems allow for bigger spaces that have been turned into everything from offices to hotels. Shipping containers work well when you’re looking to build without major upheaval to the surroundings. The containers can be dropped into place, stacked or placed end to end. The sides can be opened up to make for a larger interior space. They have been effectively incorporated into schools to add classrooms. Students are safe, secure and protected from the weather. The quick turnaround on installation means the classroom can be completely set up within a few days.
  • Playgrounds – Looking at a shipping container, you might see a standard-sized box. However, thanks to inspiration, shipping containers have been turned into everything from magical caves and pirate ships to space stations and haunted houses. Shipping containers have been stacked to provide for a children’s activity center. While they provide a quick and economical means of construction, with very little labor involved, there’s also the benefit of reliability. Kids can’t damage these durable structures. These playgrounds are also known as prefabricated gyms.
  • Furniture – Refurbished and upcycled furniture has continued to gain notoriety and popularity in recent years. Because shipping containers have travelled across the world, they qualify as a desirable material. The metal boxes are getting a new lease on life by getting turned into a line of furniture. As shipping containers are repurposed into homes and office spaces, everything from interesting lights to lounge chairs are being created from the scraps.